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    The Panorama, Ashford, Kent

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The Panorama, a large mixed use residential and office block in Ashford, Kent, required extensive refurbishment to the various flat roofs.

Product brief:

The challenge of the roof refurbishment required a flat roof system manufacturer to be involved at the initial roof survey and specification design stage, followed by

extensive technical back-up throughout the complete project cycle.

Key Requirements: High Performance Waterproofing

The inverted roofs demanded a waterproofing system with BBA certification to ‘0’ falls. The fully bonded and seamless Cold Melt® was selected, in conjunction with Proteus Pro-Therm Insulation and Proteus Pro-Therm® Insulation XPS Plus. The warm roofs required Proteus Pro-System® Plus low odour, seamless waterproofing with Proteus Pro-Therm Tapered Insulation to deliver the required thermal performance and drainage falls. Proteus Waterproofing worked closely with the Client and the Proteus Approved Contractor to ensure the installation complied with the specification design.

Key Requirements: Health & Safety

Safety on construction sites is always of the utmost importance, as well as keeping disruptions to other trades to a minimum. Proteus Waterproofing systems - Cold Melt® and Proteus Pro-System® Plus we’re selected for their high performance, phased cold installation and seamless waterproofing

Key Requirements: Long Term Performance

Incorporating recycled rubber crumb and organically grown products, Cold Melt® creates an elastomeric, seamless, cold applied waterproofing membrane. The Cold Melt® system can include inverted roof insulation and, with or without insulation, can be designed as a paved, ballasted, green or brown roof. The membrane does not become brittle with age, is BBA Certified to last the design life of the roof and is manufactured in the UK.

Case studies for The Panorama, Ashford for Proteus Waterproofing

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