Proteus - Protecting Walkways and Balconies

Walkways and balconies, essential elements in many commercial and residential properties, are constantly exposed to harsh weather, making them vulnerable to water ingress. This in turn can lead to structural damage, mould growth and safety hazards.

Proteus Waterproofing offers an extensive range of liquid applied membranes specifically designed to protect walkways and balconies from water damage. Our liquid applied membranes cure quickly, are colour stable, UV resistant, and skid-inhibiting, suitable for various refurbishment projects.

Benefits of Liquid Applied Membranes

Liquid applied membranes have several benefits compared to traditional waterproofing methods, such as:

• Rapid curing, which helps to minimise disruption on site. In many cases, walkways and balconies can be reopened to traffic within just a few hours of installation

• Our liquid applied membranes are UV stable, preventing fading and discoloration over time

• Our liquid applied membranes incorporate skid-resistant additives to ensure safety for pedestrians and vehicles, particularly under wet or icy conditions

• Liquid applied membranes are ideal for refurbishment projects, as they can be applied to a variety of existing substrates, including concrete, asphalt, and timber

• Proteus liquid applied membranes are cold applied, eliminating the need for open flames or hot works. This makes them a safer choice for both installers and occupants

• Our liquid applied membranes meet the most stringent of health and safety standards. They are low odour, non-flammable, and environmentally friendly

Applications for Walkways and Balconies

Liquid applied membranes can be used to waterproof a wide range of different types of walkways and balconies. They include:

• Liquid applied membranes are well-suited for waterproofing pedestrian walkways in commercial and residential settings. They provide a durable, slip-resistant surface that is easy to maintain.

• Liquid applied membranes can also be used to waterproof vehicle ramps and walkways in car parks and other industrial environments. They offer superior protection against heavy traffic and chemical spills.

• Liquid applied membranes are suitable waterproofing solution for balconies, both residential and commercial. They provide a seamless, durable membrane that protects the underlying structure from water damage and mould growth.

Expert Installation and Maintenance Services

Proteus Waterproofing provides skilled installation and maintenance services for all of our liquid applied membranes. Our team of experienced professionals is trained to the highest standards and will ensure that your walkways and balconies are waterproofed to the highest quality.

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Pro-BW® Plus

Pro-BW® Plus is a liquid-applied, rapid curing protective coating that provides a colourfast, UV stable and skid-inhibiting surface for balconies and walkways.


  • Do you offer a warranty on your balcony and walkway systems?

    Yes, we offer a detailed warranty covering all aspects of our systems.

  • How long do your systems for balconies and walkways last?

    Our systems are designed to last for many years, even in the most demanding environments. With proper maintenance, our systems can provide decades of protection for your balcony or walkway.

  • How much do your balcony and walkway systems cost?

    The cost of our systems will vary depending on the size and complexity of the balcony or walkway. However, our systems are competitively priced in relation to alternative balcony and walkway waterproofing solutions.

  • What are the benefits of using a Proteus Waterproofing system for a balcony or walkway?

    Proteus Waterproofing systems offer a number of benefits:

    • Our systems are engineered for resilience against elements and heavy usage, offering durable protection for your balcony or walkway

    • Our liquid applied membranes form a continuous waterproof barrier, significantly reducing the likelihood of leaks at joints and seams

    • Our systems adhere tightly to a variety of substrates, including concrete, asphalt, and timber, making them ideal for waterproofing both new and existing balconies and walkways

    • Our systems are resistant to a wide range of chemicals, including acids, alkalis, and solvents, making them ideal for balconies and walkways that may be exposed to harsh chemicals

    • Our systems are designed for straightforward application, suitable for various balcony and walkway configurations. They can be applied by brush, roller, or spray, and require minimal surface preparation

    • Our systems cure rapidly, minimizing downtime and disruption to your daily routine

    • Our systems can be finished with a non-slip surface, improving safety for pedestrians and vehicles

  • What maintenance is required for your balcony and walkway systems?

    Our systems are very low-maintenance. Simply inspect the system regularly for any signs of damage or wear and tear. If any damage is found, it can be easily repaired using our repair kit.

  • What types of balconies and walkways are your systems suitable for?

    Our systems are suitable for a wide range of balconies and walkways, including:

    • Residential balconies

    • Commercial balconies

    • Industrial balconies

    • Rooftop balconies

    • Pedestrian walkways

    • Vehicle walkways

    • Pool decks

    • Patio decks

    • Garage decks

Case studies

Case studies for Riviera Court, Poole for Proteus Waterproofing

Riviera Court, Poole, Dorset

The apartments beneath the private balconies to this residential building near the Dorset Coast were suffering from water ingress.