Proteus Waterproofing offers a range of green, brown and blue roofs. Pro-Living® roofs can provide ecological benefits, offering an effective and practical use of space.

When specifying or installing a Pro-Living® roof using Proteus’ unique Cold Melt® membrane, you are combining environment friendly materials such as recycled rubber crumb and organically grown products.

Choosing a Pro-Living® green or bio-diverse system from Proteus can provide ecological benefits and more; energy efficiency is enhanced too. Studies show a building’s internal air temperature remains more constant; hotter in winter and cooler in summer meaning air conditioning and heating systems are relied upon less.
Pro-Living® can help you to create a rooftop garden or communal space, a pleasant environment in which to spend time. Terraces can offer additional living space when created using a Proteus paving system. Walkways can meander through bio-diversity

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