Monosil, Monodex and Monodex Textured

A range of exterior wall protection products

Monosil for concrete, brick and stone

Monosil is a clear masonry impregnator which stops the ingress of rain but at the same time does not block the surface pores of the structure. It allows entrapped moisture to be warmed by the sun, turn to vapour and pass out of the structure over a period of time, enabling it to dry out.
Monosil is invisible to the eye so does not alter the look of the building. It helps to prevent absorption of oils and other liquid contamination allowing for easier removal of contaminants.

Monodex Smooth – water-based elastomeric decorative coating

Monodex Smooth is a high performance water based, elastomeric, high build, decorative coating which provides protection against carbonation and water ingress, yet allows damp substrates to breathe. It is ultra-fast drying which enables two coat applications to take place on the same day and facilitates year round usage. 
It resists the growth of mould and fungi and is ideal both for new construction and refurbishment projects.

Monodex Textured – high performance, flexible waterborne textured coating

Monodex Textured is a highly engineered, water-borne, single component, acrylic-based decorative wall coating with an attractive textured finish. Due to its high build, textured composition, it is ideal for use on buildings and other structures which have a rough, uneven finish with surface defects and imperfections

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