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    Use of Diisocynates in the Roofing Industry

    August 2023


There are new requirements for professional users of Diisocyanates in the UK & EU. Approved contractors who use these products are legally required to undertake health and safety training before 24th August 2023.

These legal regulations apply to products with a Diisocyanate concentration greater than 0.1% intended for professional or industrial use and apply to a small number of our products.

Are Diicocynates safe to use?

Yes, Polyurethanes exist all around us and have been used safely across the globe for many years. The use of polyurethanes is safe when they are handled according to relevant risk management and safety measures. 

The new REACH regulations however place additional responsibilities on professional users and have introduced a legal responsibility to undertake specific health and safety training.

Which Proteus products are affected by the new requirements?

• Cold Melt® Hardener:                              Product Code: CMPROT05H / CMPROT10H / CMPROT15H
• Cold Melt® UV TOP Hardener:             Product Code: CMUVHA05MG / CMUVTP10HA
• Pro-Bond Foaming:                                  Product Code: ACBOFO75 / ACBOF135
• Pro-Reactivation Primer:                        Product Code: PRREAC05D
• Pro-Membrane Adhesive (Roller):    Product Code: ACMARO20
• Proteus Pro-System®:                              Product Code: PSYS15CG / PSYS15LGN
• Proteus Pro-System® Plus:                    Product Code: PSPL15LG / PSPL15MG

Products can also be identified with a statement on the label that confirms diisocyanate training requirement. 

If you are a professional user of these products what do you need to do?

Legally, you must ensure that yourself and your workforce have completed the mandatory health and safety Diisocyanate training and keep this up to date.

What action is required as a Proteus Approved Contractor?

• Visit the training platform at https://www.safeusediisocyanates.eu/
• Complete the most appropriate one (or both) of the following online training modules.
          • Level 2 – Module 048 Professional Application (Adhesives and Sealants)
          • Level 2 – Module 049 Professional Application (Waterproofing)
• Training takes approximately 30-45 mins per module.
• Module Cost:  Administrative Fees; €10.00 – Courses are free with voucher code FEICA_21_G
• You should ensure that you and your employees undertake Diisocyanate training prior to the deadline August 24th, 2023

For further information?

https://www.safeusediisocyanates.eu If you require further help and assistance in regard to the affected Proteus products, or the Diisocynate regulations please contact: Proteus Waterproofing Main Office on 01268 777871, or email enquiries@proteuswaterproofing.co.uk

For more information on the REACH restriction for Diicocynates, visit the FEICA website at: https://www.feica.eu/our-projects/safe-use-diisocyanates

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