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    Proteus relaunches Endura range of felt systems with groundbreaking Single-Ply application

    September 2023


Proteus, Britain’s fastest growing supplier of waterproofing solutions, has relaunched its proven Endura range of Felt systems, all BBA certified to give a service life of at least 35 years – with one major new addition – a revolutionary cold applied alternative to conventional polymer based single ply membranes.

It is called Proteus Pro-Felt® Endura AIRdhesive, a true single-ply alternative - and it is set to transform the roofing landscape. This remarkable system features a single layer of bituminous membrane saturated and coated with a high percentage of SBS (Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene) modified bitumen, delivering the proven performance of an advanced elastomeric felt.

What sets the Proteus Pro-Felt® Endura AIRdhesive apart is its unrivalled combination of exceptional features, guaranteeing unparalleled longevity and durability. The membrane boasts a high-quality polyester reinforcement, ensuring maximum strength and reliability. On the upper surface, a mineral coating provides an attractive and robust layer of protection, while the underside features a robust fleece finish, adding an extra dimension of quality and strength.
The Proteus Pro-Felt® Endura AIRdhesive offers contractors the freedom to choose their preferred installation method, providing both efficiency and convenience. It can be easily bonded using the Proteus Pro-Membrane Adhesive or mechanically fixed to any suitable substrate. Additionally, where suitable, the membrane can be fully torch applied, ensuring a fast-track method for overlaying existing roof coverings, saving both time and costs.
Proteus Pro-Felt® Endura AIRdhesive delivers a completely flame-free waterproofing solution, ensuring safety and efficiency during installation – a true cutting-edge single-ply alternative for roofing professionals.

"Our Proteus Pro-Felt® Endura Range is our bold step into the future of roofing solutions,” said Justin Pitman, Sales Director of Proteus Waterproofing. “Together with our groundbreaking single-ply application, Proteus Pro-Felt® Endura AIRdhesive, we are setting new standards of excellence in the industry – a system that we believe is more robust than conventional polymer based single ply membranes. This is a real game changer.”
“This advanced elastomeric felt combined with a bituminous membrane delivers unparalleled performance and durability and provides roofing professionals with an efficient, safe, and reliable solution – a real choice in the single ply market.”

In addition to the new single ply, the Proteus Pro-Felt® Endura range, also offers a comprehensive choice of specialised solutions tailored to meet specific roofing requirements. These solutions include the Proteus Pro-Felt® Endura SA Mineral Anthracite System, a cold-applied, self-adhesive bituminous cap sheet, and the torch-applied Proteus Pro-Felt® Endura Mineral Anthracite, each designed and BBA certified to deliver exceptional performance and longevity.
For cold-applied roofing needs, the Proteus Pro-Felt® Endura SA Underlay Sanded serves as a self-adhesive bituminous underlay, meticulously crafted to provide outstanding performance and reliability. The Proteus Pro-Felt® Endura AVCL and Proteus Pro-Felt® Endura SA AVCL also cater to efficient bituminous vapour barrier control layers, each available as a torch-applied and self-adhesive option respectively.

Endura membranes are engineered to withstand foot traffic, high temperatures, and wind uplift, ensuring that they can endure the toughest real-world conditions. They also incorporate recycled materials, aligning with the company's commitment to sustainability.

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