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    NBS and Proteus - The Ultimate Resource for Waterproofing Systems

    August 2023


Experience the power of precision with Proteus Waterproofing, the UK's fastest-growing provider of waterproofing solutions, now available on the National Building Specification (NBS) platform. This strategic integration signals a transformative journey aimed at fostering advanced collaboration, improving access to information, and facilitating an effortless specification process for architects and specifiers.

NBS, a globally recognised platform, is a benchmark for dependable construction product information and innovative specification tools. The cornerstone offerings of this platform are NBS Source and NBS Chorus, both designed to dramatically extend the reach and accessibility of Proteus' product portfolio.

NBS Source is your gateway to a comprehensive, manufacturer-approved directory of construction product information. It's now easier than ever to access precise, regularly updated data on Proteus Waterproofing systems. No longer do you have to search for information across various platforms - everything you need about our products is consolidated into one seamless, user-friendly interface.

NBS Chorus, the platform's innovative, cloud-based specification tool, is reshaping the way architects and specifiers work. By integrating Proteus products into NBS Chorus, we enable real-time, collaborative access to specification data. The result? A streamlined process for creating accurate, comprehensive specifications, eliminating traditional obstacles and boosting project efficiency.

This merger of Proteus Waterproofing and NBS goes beyond just product accessibility. It's a potent combination that elevates industry standards, creating a future-forward solution to meet the evolving needs of the construction sector. Our integration represents a strategic move to further Proteus' mission of delivering unrivalled, robust, and reliable waterproofing systems.

At Proteus, we're not just industry pioneers, we're also innovators. We're committed to staying at the forefront of industry trends, and our partnership with NBS is a testament to this commitment. It's about meeting your needs in the most efficient, transparent way possible, underlining our dedication to your success.

So, are you ready to explore the perfect harmony of Proteus Waterproofing and NBS? We invite you to visit our page on the NBS platform here and immerse yourself in a world where industry-leading waterproofing systems meet unparalleled specification excellence. Join us as we redefine what's possible in the construction world.

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