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    All other membranes look obsolete compared to Cold-Melt®

    February 2022


A new kind of waterproof membrane – BBA certified, green, seamless and so tough that it is guaranteed to last as long as the building on which it is installed – is set to revolutionise the roofing industry. It’s called Cold-Melt®, exclusively from Proteus, and it makes all other waterproof membranes look obsolete.

Cold-Melt® is the waterproof membrane that ticks every box. It is manufactured from recycled rubber crumb and other environment friendly materials such as castor oil and other organically grown products to create an elastomeric, cold applied membrane. It is, as the name implies, installed in a similar way to Hot-Melt and Mastic Asphalt applications, offering the same seamless advantages without the use of molten material or naked flame at roof level. And unlike hot applied membranes, the Cold-Melt® system offers instant waterproofing using a reinforced self-adhesive layer – which can last for several months unprotected – to allow other trades to get to work before the final coat is applied.

Cold-Melt® – versatile fast odour free application

The Cold-Melt® system from Proteus Waterproofing can be designed as a paved, ballasted, green or brown roof. The membrane does not become brittle with age and when protected from UV exposure, it is certified to last the life of the building.

Cold-Melt® exhibits no odour and can be applied in confined spaces for a wide range of applications, offering numerous benefits for both the installer and client due it being 100% solids. As an inverted roof application, it offers a wide range of applications on decks including Concrete, Asphalt, Timber/Plywood and Metal. Ideal for New Build Balcony inverted roof applications where there may be poor access and awkward to get to areas with tricky detailing. Its seamless application ensures that roof detailing is not a problem to help deliver the perfect roof – every time.

Cold-Melt® ready to go over green concrete in just three days

Cold-Melt® can be used to cover green concrete after three days or over damp surfaces –as opposed to 28 days for many other types of membrane. It is a two layer process: The first layer, Pro-Carrier membrane SA, is a self-adhesive bituminous waterproofing membrane that forms a barrier against vapour and gases which is laid over a pre-primed surface.

It comprises a self-adhesive, low thickness bituminous compound which is self-protected by an aluminium film. It also features glass fibre and polyester reinforcement to provide excellent puncture resistance. It is applied to provide a reinforcing layer to all areas receiving the Cold-Melt® application and offers instant waterproofing.

The Cold-Melt® membrane can be trafficked once cured for applications such as balconies or podium decks prior to being covered by insulation, ballast and other materials to complete the inverted roof.

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