Wilko, Swansea, Wales

This Wilko hardware retail store set in the centre of Swansea has an existing flat roof of some 1,000m² which spans across three floors, all of which are shopping areas.

Product brief:

Due to the poor condition of the existing felt coverings, various leaks were being experienced across the store, closing off valuable retail space.

Key Requirements: High Performance Waterproofing

The client’s budget that was set some two years before, needed to be reduced, yet the new roof covering still needed to provide a service life for a minimum 20-years. D C Roofing Construction Ltd turned to Proteus Waterproofing for a cost-effective solution that would reduce the cost of the project yet provide a further guaranteed 20-year waterproof life.

Key Requirements: Health & Safety

With the store remaining open throughout the roof renovation, the system needed to be installed with minimum disruption. As Proteus Pro-Cold® is cold applied, it meant that all the health and safety criteria was met and there was minimal disruption to the stores operation.

Key Requirements: Long Term Performance

Proteus Pro-Cold® is a fully reinforced polyurethane overlay system was selected and designed to last. Providing the 20-year extension of roof life, Proteus Pro-Cold is seamless and cold applied removing the risk of fire. Proteus Pro-Cold® dramatically reduced the roofing cost. Meeting the client’s budget and the performance life requirement desired.

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