Walkway Refurbishment, Bowden Court, Notting Hill

In the heart of Notting Hill, London, Bowden Court hostel has accommodation for 272 residents and includes a modern on-site gym, bicycle storage and dining room. Owned by charity London Hostels Association Ltd (LHA), it also provides a social hub for students from the colleges nearby. As the building is constantly occupied, the application of a new 100m2 walkway system had to be carried out in two separate phases.

Product brief:

Utilising the self-priming and seamless characteristics of Pro-SW (Safety Walkway), the specialist contractor carried out a smooth, hassle-free application to deliver an anti-slip and high performance waterproof solution.

Key Requirement: Rapid installation

Pro-SW ensured minimal disruption and inconvenience to the residents thanks to its fast curing time, allowing foot traffic within just 2 hours of installation.

Key Requirements: Health and safety

When working on occupied buildings, particularly in busy city centres, safety is always of utmost importance. As it is odourless, Pro-SW allowed the specialist contractor to meet health and safety criteria by minimising the risk to operatives and the disruption to residents.

Key Requirements: Long term performance

Offering excellent resistance to yellowing and designed with the highest order of durability, impact, abrasion and chemical resistance, Pro-SW stands the test of time.

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