Roof Refurbishment: Old Palace School, Croydon

The Old Palace School in Croydon, a 400-year-old building, was originally a summer palace for The Archbishop of Canterbury. The existing roof asphalt waterproofing on the main building and reception had begun to slump and fail.

Product brief:

The client requested a high performance, cost effective and long-term waterproofing system, therefore Proteus Waterproofing installed their liquid applied Proteus Pro-System® Plus system, meeting the client’s brief.

Key Requirements: High Performance Waterproofing

To meet the client’s budget, the slumped asphalt was first removed, and these areas reinstated with cold repair mortars. The roofs were then overlaid with Proteus Pro-System® Plus, a low odour, cold apply system which will extend the life of the roofs by a minimum 20 years. Abutment tiles to the gutter were removed to allow for waterproofing access. Once the Proteus Pro-System® Plus was installed correctly, the tiles were replaced. Proteus Waterproofing worked closely with the Contractor to ensure the project was completed to a high standard.

Key Requirements: Health & Safety

When working in the Education Sector, safety is always of utmost importance, as well as minimising disruption. As Proteus Pro-System® Plus is low odour and cold installed, it meets all health and safety criteria for occupied buildings and removes the risk of fire.

Key Requirements: Long Term Performance

Proteus Pro-System® Plus offers a low maintenance, durable waterproofing and protection solution for a range of new build and refurbishment applications. It is cold applied, eliminating the risk of fire and once cured, provides a completely seamless waterproof protection and has excellent UV stability, making it suitable to use in all climates. Proteus Pro-System® Plus forms a seamless, fully adhered membrane, made in the UK and is BBA Certified for 30 years.

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