Roof Refurbishment – Heathfield Primary School, Twickenham

At Heathfield Primary School in Twickenham, a series of roofs had reached the end of their serviceable life and required a refurbishment. Following a site survey and inspection by Proteus Waterproofing, it was also determined that some of the complex detailing around the roof, including felt and lead flashing details, required replacement.

Product brief:

With the existing felt-covered roofs providing a suitable substrate for an overlay system, the Proteus licensed contractor was appointed to refurbish a roof totalling 50m2. Proteus Waterproofing supplied Proteus Pro-System®, a cold-applied seamless overlay to bring the ageing roof back to their best whilst ensuring the work was completed during the school holiday.

Key Requirements: Health and Safety

As Proteus Pro-System® is cold installed, it meets all health and safety criteria for occupied buildings and minimises risk of fire. The low odour application allowed the licenced contractor to work safely and with minimal disruption to building occupants.

Key Requirement: Long Term Performance

When subjected to normal service conditions, Proteus Pro-System® will provide an effective waterproof barrier up to 15, 20 and 25 years, dependent on system. A 20-year system was supplied in line with the client’s requirements.

Key Requirement: Seamless Waterproofing

Proteus Pro-System® offered a high quality installation, particularly around the roof’s complicated detailing and terminations. Due to the system’s ability to bond to all substrates, this ensured the completed membrane formed a fully-bonded and seamless covering with no weak points at laps.

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