Roof Refurbishment – Emma House, Romford

Emma House, Romford, a residential apartment block built in 2007, needed a new waterproof membrane for the entire roof area after the single ply membrane, installed just 10 years earlier, had failed.

Product brief:

The specification by our clients asked for a cold applied system to be used during the refurbishment to minimise disruption to residents, while providing a permanent waterproofing solution.

The Challenge

Core samples taken of the roof build-up showed there had been extensive water penetration which required urgent remedial action. Impossible to repair, the complete roof system had to be stripped back to the roof deck by Proteus Waterproofing’s approved contractor.

The approved contractor installed a new Proteus Pro-System® BUR (built up roof system) incorporating Proteus Pro Therm insulation, to provide a new seamless roof – an area of some 150 square metres – offering a 20 year guarantee.

Why Proteus Pro-System® was specified

Proteus Pro-System® was installed, using no heat, providing a seamless waterproofing membrane on completion. Proteus Pro-System® is a high performance, seamless and cold-applied waterproofing membrane for flat and pitched roofs.It cures to provide completely seamless waterproof protection and has excellent thermal and UV stability, making it suitable for use in all climates.

Proteus Pro-System® does not brittle, deteriorate or discolour with age. It uses atmospheric moisture to trigger its cure process and unlike conventional polyurethane systems can cure under water, without gassing or foaming. It also becomes resistant to rain damage and may therefore be applied in relatively poor weather without any subsequent loss of performance or durability – making it idea for Emma House

About Emma House

Emma House consists of 14 one-bedroom and 19 two-bedroom apartments just minutes away from the centre of the market town of Romford, which offers shops, services and a wealth of bars and restaurants.

When first built in 2010 Emma House offered young professionals an opportunity for affordable housing close to London and has remained at the forefront of the property market in Romford ever since.

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