Roof Refurbishment, Bracknell Forest Homes

For three residential 1960s block of flats in Bracknell – Hambledon Court, Campion House and Hurley Court – the client required a new waterproofing system due to the existing felt system ageing and not meeting the current Building Regulations Requirements for thermal performance.

Product brief:

Following detailed surveys by Proteus Waterproofing on each of three towers, Bracknell Forest Homes Ltd specified Proteus Pro-Felt® built up roof system to overlay 3300m2 of roof systems, meeting their budgetary and thermal performance requirements.

The installation of Proteus Waterproofing’s cost effective and high performance Proteus Pro-Felt® built up roof system by the Proteus Licenced Contractor extended the lifespan of the roofs by a further 20 years whilst offering total safety, minimal disruption and noise.

Key Requirement: Health and Safety

Working on occupied buildings, safety is always of utmost importance. The Proteus Pro-Felt® Ultima BUR Felt system incorporated a Self-Adhesive Vapour Barrier, 120mm of Proteus Pro-Therm Insulation bonded in cold adhesive followed by the tried and tested Proteus Pro-Felt® Self-Adhesive Heat Activated Underlay. This was finished with the Proteus Torch On Cap sheet.

Key Requirements: Quality Control

Due to the complex nature of the works, Proteus Waterproofing and the licensed contractor worked in close partnership to successfully deliver the project to a very high standard.

Proteus Pro-Felt® Ultima BUR and Proteus Pro-System® roof overlay coating were possible options to overlay the roofs, whilst working to a tight budget. The residents opted for the Proteus Pro-Felt® Ultima BUR to extend the lifespan of the roofs and improve their thermal performance.

Key Requirements: Durability

Proteus Pro-Felt® Ultima BUR offers a durable waterproofing and protection solution to a range of buildings. Proteus Pro-Felt® Ultima BUR waterproofing system offers 10, 15, 20 and 25-year durability options which are also available with independent insurance backed guarantees.

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