Roof Refurbishment, Bill’s Restaurant, Lewes

In the heart of the Lewes conservation area and the very first of what is now a hugely successful restaurant chain, Bill’s in Lewes had a flat roofed kitchen extension which was in need of refurbishment. With access difficult and the kitchen in use 7 days a week, the roof could not be stripped due to disturbance from noise and the potential of further water ingress when opening the roof to the elements.

Product brief:

The kitchen extension required a cold applied overlay to the existing asphalt covered flat roof to be carried out with total safety, minimal disruption and noise. Proteus Waterproofing was appointed to provide a fast, reliable and high quality solution. Proteus Pro-System 10 was put forward for its liquid seamless overlay of the existing substrate application allowing the most awkward of roof details to be easily overcome.

Key Requirements: Seamless waterproofing
Proteus Waterproofing worked in close partnership with its Licenced Contractor to successfully deliver the project to a very high standard. The 100m2 roof has been finished with a high performance, low maintenance and seamless Pro-System waterproofing covering.

Key Requirement: Health and safety
Working on occupied buildings, particularly in towns and cities, safety is always of utmost importance. Meeting all health and safety criteria, Proteus liquid applied systems are cold installed and therefore removed the risk of fire to this old historic Lewes Building. The low odour application also allowed the Proteus Licenced Contractor to work safely and with minimal disruption to restaurant staff, customers and local residents.

Key Requirements: Long term performance
Pro-System waterproofing system offers 10, 15, 20 and 25 year durability options which are also available with independently provided insurance. A range of roofing system solutions are available including inverted roofs, green roofs and podium decks.

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