Roof and Walkway Refurbishment – Mill Lane, Gosport

At Mill Lane, two ageing residential blocks of flats in Gosport, the existing felt covered roofs were severely degraded and required renewal. For the most suitable solution to extend the lifespan of the roofs within a tight budget, the client Gosport Borough Council considered various options before selecting to remove the existing coverings and over-deck with new WBP plywood.

Product brief:

The council then specified a new cold installed Proteus Pro-Therm Insulation and Proteus Pro-System® seamless waterproofing Built-Up Roof. The communal walkways were also to be included in the programme carried out by the licensed contractor and overlaid with the cold-applied Pro-BW® (Reinforced) system.

Key Requirements: High Performance Waterproofing

The roofs were allowing water ingress and required a low maintenance waterproofing overlay. The drainage detailing was changed by removing one perimeter kerb and introducing an external gutter system, therefore blocking off problematic internal down-pipes. Proteus Pro-System® does not have any joints and minimal maintenance is now required on the roofs.

Key Requirements: Health and Safety

The roofs have a timber deck structure and detailing, support beams as well as other potentially flammable building materials which meant the use of the cold installed Proteus Pro-System® Built Up Roof removed the risks posed by heat or open roof torch flames; protecting operatives, building occupants and members of the public.

Key Requirements: Long-term Performance

Proteus Pro-System® offers a low maintenance, durable waterproofing and protection solution to a range of buildings. Proteus Waterproofing roof systems come in a range of 10, 15, 20 and 25-year options.

Key Requirements: Quality Control

Proteus Waterproofing and the licensed contractor worked in close partnership to successfully deliver the project to a very high standard.

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