Refurbishment – St Paul’s Church, Crawley

St Paul’s Church in Crawley, required refurbishment to the flat roof some 260m² due to the existing felt membrane reaching the end of it’s useful and serviceable life. Core samples were taken of the roof build up, which showed adequate insulation to meet current roof guidelines and no moisture in the core samples taken was found.

Product brief:

Project Brief:

It was therefore decided the existing felt covering still formed a suitable substrate to accept a new overlay system. Proteus Pro-Felt® two-layer system was selected, consisting of Proteus Pro-Felt® T/O Plain Dispersion Underlay and Proteus Pro-Felt® Endura Mineral Capsheet.

Key Requirements: High Performance Waterproofing

Proteus Pro-Felt® T/O Plain Dispersion Underlay was first installed. This felt was chosen as 50% of the membrane only bonds to the substrate allowing possible entrapped gases and moisture within the existing roof construction to dissipate rather than placing pressure on the new felt overlay. This was completed with Proteus Pro-Felt® Endura Mineral Capsheet to complete the two-layer waterproofing system.

Key Requirements: Quality Control

When working in a busy area safety is always of utmost importance, as well as minimising disruption or suspension to the building and church services during the works. Proteus Waterproofing worked in close partnership with Licensed Contractor to successfully deliver the project to a very high standard, including technical manager inspections throughout the project.

Key Requirements: Long Term Performance

Proteus Pro-Felt® Endura is a High Performance multi-layer bituminous membrane system, tested to perform in extreme temperatures and weather conditions. This membrane is impervious to water and will achieve a weathertight roof. It has class leading modified bitumen content which allows the flexible membrane to move with the building and ensure long term durability and performance. All Proteus Waterproofing specifications promote fire safe installation methods conforming to the industry lead Safe2Torch guidelines.

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