Lewes Town Hall, Street Glazed Access Cover

The vaults beneath Lewes Town Hall in East Sussex have an illustrious history as it was here that ten protestant martyrs were held during the reformation before being taken up some steps to the High Street and then burned at the stake. In the present day, these steps now lead to a glazed access cover beneath the memorial tablet of the victims.

Product brief:

Proteus were asked by LBL Surveyors to provide a secondary membrane around the seal of the glazed unit. The licensed contractor installed the cold-applied Pro-BW Flex system from Proteus Waterproofing. Pro-BW was chosen for its fast cure of 45 minutes and easy detailing. Being fully reinforced, Pro-BW Waterproofing offered a high tensile strength while providing adequate differential movement.

Key Requirements: Minimal disruption
With works carried out on the pavement of the busy high street, Pro-BW Flex ensured minimal disruption and inconvenience thanks to the fast curing system which cured within 45 minutes of application. The use of Pro-BW Flex allowed the glazed access cover to be installed in one day.

Key Requirement: Health and Safety
As it is cold installed, Pro-BW Flex meets health and safety criteria by minimising risk to site operatives and pedestrians. Pro-BW Flex also offers a low odour application to provide the safest and most convenient solution on site for the licensed contractor.

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