Kingsbury Parade - Proteus Pro-Felt® Ultima Plus BUR

The flat roofs above Kingsbury Parade were in urgent need for refurbishment works, due to water ingress into the residential premises below and causing rotting to the close boarded timber deck.

Product brief:

The client requested a new high-performance waterproofing membrane to improve the lifespan of the roof and meet the required thermal performance. Proteus Waterproofing specified Proteus Pro-Felt® Ultima Plus BUR system to achieve the client’s requirements.

Key Requirements: High Performance Waterproofing

The existing roof covering was stripped back to the structural deck and Pro-Vapour SA was applied. Pro-Vapour SA is a cold bonded self-adhesive vapour barrier, which removed the roof torch naked flame from direct contact with the deck. Proteus Pro-Felt® Ultima Plus was then installed, incorporating Proteus Pro-Therm PIR Insulation to meet building regulations.

Key Requirements: Quality Control

Proteus Pro-Felt® Ultima Plus carries the highest European fire rating BroofT4, therefore on completion the buildings further fire safety was improved. Proteus Waterproofing worked closely with the Proteus Approved
Contractor to deliver the project to a high standard.

Key Requirements: Long Term Performance

Proteus Pro-Felt® Ultima Plus is a high-performance multi-layer bituminous membrane system, tested to perform in extreme temperatures and weather conditions. This membrane is impervious to water and will achieve a weather-tight roof. It has class leading modified bitumen content which allows the flexible membrane to move with the building and ensure long term durability and performance, which is certified by the BBA to be in excess of 30 years.
All Proteus Waterproofing specifications promote fire safe installation methods conforming to the industry lead Safe2Torch guidelines.

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