Grand Hotel, Brighton

As part of the refurbishment of the iconic Grand Hotel in Brighton, the new owners began an extensive refurbishment of the exterior that included the regeneration of the roof abutting the conference centre and a series of five private balconies adjoining the first floor meeting rooms.

Product brief:

With the conference facilities in constant use and minimal disruption to guests a prerequisite, Proteus Waterproofing supplied a combination of cold-applied and fast curing systems to meet the client’s requirements.

Key Requirements: Fast, hassle-free application

Offering a quick application, low odour and rapid curing coating, 50m2 of Pro-BW Flex helped to reduce the installation time on the private balconies from days to hours – with the conference rooms returned to service in just five hours. Thanks to its low odour application and no need for hot works, the Pro-System installation on the roof abutting the balconies was completed with minimal disruption to the hotel and offers a 20 year guarantee.

Key Requirements: Seamless Waterproofing

Proteus Waterproofing worked in close partnership with the specialist contractor to deliver the project to a very high standard, creating a seamless joint between the Pro-BW Flex application on the balconies and the Pro-System applied roof areas – in turn forming an integrated gutter detail.

Key Requirement: Health and Safety

When working on occupied buildings, safety is always of utmost importance. As it is cold installed, Pro-System allowed the specialist contractor to meet the health and safety criteria and minimise the risk of fire in this live construction site.

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