Gemini 8 Sports and Leisure Centre

Product brief:

Gemini 8, a new build sports and leisure centre in Warrington, required waterproofing to the new concrete roof deck, prior to it becoming a roof football pitch. The client needed a low odour, cold applied system, therefore Proteus Waterproofing specified Cold Melt®.

High Performance Waterproofing

To allow the waterproofing to be applied to the new concrete deck earlier in the program, Cold Melt® DPM was used. While it is generally accepted a waterproof membrane should not be applied to newly laid concrete for at least twenty-eight days or more, using Cold Melt® DPM, allowed the Proteus Approved Contractor to apply the Cold Melt® after just three days of the concrete being poured. Once the Cold Melt® was installed a screed was over laid to provide a suitable substrate for an Astro-Turf finish for the football to be played on.

Health and Safety

When working on new build sites safety is of the utmost importance, Cold Melt® is a cold applied, low odour replacement for mastic asphalt and hot melt. It is fast to install which meant the building schedule was kept on track with minimum disruptions to other trades. Proteus Waterproofing worked closely with the Proteus Approved Contractor to ensure the project was delivered to a high standard.

Seamless Waterproofing

Incorporating recycled rubber crumb and organically grown products, Cold Melt® creates an elastomeric, seamless, cold applied waterproofing membrane. The Cold Melt® system can include inverted roof insulation and with or without insulation, can be designed as a paved, ballasted, green or brown roof. The membrane does not become brittle with age, is BBA Certified and is manufactured in the UK.

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