CO-OP Food, Hove

The roof was in a poor condition and leaking in various places. Many repairs had been attempted over the years but all of them had failed.

Product brief:

There had been many problems with the roof on this CO-OP in Hove. The roof had undergone many repairs over time that were all unsuccessful and the CO-OP wanted a waterproofing solution that would fix the problem once and for all. However the store needed to continue to operate with minimal affect to the store.

Key Requirements: The Problem

The roof had been leaking for a while even though there had been previous attempts to repair this. Proteus Waterproofing visited site to see what solution was needed. The store needed to remain open and cause minimal disruption to the operation the staff and customers.

Key Requirements: The Solution

The Solution was Proteus Pro-Cold a very cost-effective overlay. Proteus Pro-Cold is a single pack, fully reinforced polyurethane, the system is Cold applied, seamless, elastomeric, providing up to 20 years further life to the structures it is applied to. Pro-Cold is ideal for long-term repairs or as a complete guaranteed overlay system. Fire tested to Broof(T4) the highest European External fire test, therefore not only is there no risk of fire while being installed once installed the system will give peace of mind against fire and the store remained open.

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