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This project was a good example of great customer service. The client had been advised that the roof needed a completely replacement.

Product brief:

The Proteus Approved Contractor contacted he local Proteus Technical Support Team for a second opinion. When we attended site we completed a full condition report on the roof including a core sample to see exactly what the situation was. On completion of the survey, we established that in fact this roof was suitable for an overlay instead of a complete replacement so we followed up from our site survey with a full specification on what was needed to extend the life of this roof. As I am sure you can imagine, the client was very happy to hear that the roof did not need a complete replacement. The client had not received service like this from anyone else who had been to look at the roof so decided Proteus Waterproofing were the right choice for them.

High Performance Waterproofing

Having established an overlay was suitable on the roof, Proteus Waterproofing prepared this specification according to the NFRC ‘Safe2Torch’ guidelines. Working closely with our Approved Contractors, Proteus Pro-Felt® Ultima Plus Fireguard was installed as part of a 2 layer waterproofing system, extending the life of the roof accompanied with a 20 year Guarantee.

Long Term Performance

​Proteus Pro-Felt® Ultima Plus is a high-performance multilayer bituminous membrane system, tested to perform in extreme temperatures and weather conditions. This membrane is impervious to water and will achieve a weather-tight roof. It has class leading modified bitumen content which allows the flexible membrane to move with the building and ensure long term durability and performance which is certified by the BBA to be in excess of 30 years.

Case studies for Caswell Adhesives, Corby for Proteus Waterproofing

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