Basildon Fire Station

Basildon Fire Station consisted of various insulated felt roof areas and an asphalt roof terrace. Some of the roofs were holding water and not draining well with others draining well. All roofs and terrace were showing signs they were at the end of their life and needing replacement.

Product brief:

All the felt roofs were stripped back to the concrete / metal deck and a new Pro-Felt® Ultima Plus insulted built-up felt system installed with either Proteus Pro-Therm Laid to Fall insulation or Proteus Pro-Therm flat board insulation. The trafficked asphalt terrace had various cracks and splits but set on a concrete deck, was still in a condition it could be overlaid. Proteus Waterproofing specified Pro-BW® Plus, a fast cure fully reinforced cold applied liquid waterproofing system incorporating a slip-resistant finish.

Key Requirements: Quality Installation

Proteus Approved Contractor, completed this project to the highest of standards while the fire station remained fully open throughout the installation.

Key Requirements: Long Term Performance

Proteus Pro-Felt® Ultima Plus is a high-performance multi-layer bituminous membrane system, tested to perform in extreme temperatures and weather conditions.

This membrane is impervious to water and will achieve a weather-tight roof. It has class leading modified bitumen content which allows the flexible membrane to move with the building and ensure long term durability and performance which is certified by the BBA to be in excess of 30 years and is also certified with the highest European Fire Rating BroofT4.

Pro-BW® Plus is a cold applied, fully reinforced, liquid applied, terrace system incorporating a slip-resistant finish.

It is BBA Certified for in excess 25 years and is also certified with the highest European Fire Rating BrooT4.

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