Balcony Refurbishment – New Milton, Hampshire

The first floor balconies of a residential block of flats in New Milton were failing, causing leaks into the retail units below and required refurbishment. With the balconies being located over several businesses, a high performance and fully reinforced waterproofing system with a 20 year guarantee was required to take up any future structural movement. Due to the access to the flats being compromised, the solution had to be fast curing to minimise disruption to the residents.

Product brief:

For a tough, durable, aesthetically-appealing and skid resistant finish, the licensed contractor installed 150m2 of the cold-applied Pro-BW® (Reinforced) system from Proteus Waterproofing. Pro-BW® (Reinforced) system also allowed complex detailing around balcony balustrades and staircases to be applied quickly and efficiently.

Key Requirement: Minimal disruption

Pro-BW® (Reinforced) ensured minimal disruption and inconvenience thanks to the fast curing system allowing foot traffic within TWO hours of installation. The use of Pro-BW® (Reinforced) also reduced the risk of further water ingress whilst works were undertaken, and ensured access to the balcony and staircase was reinstated quickly and efficiently.

Key Requirements: Health and Safety

As it is cold installed, Pro-BW® (Reinforced) meets health and safety criteria by minimising risk to site operatives and local residents. Pro-BW® (Reinforced) also offers a low-odour application to provide the safest and most convenient solution on site for the licensed contractor.

Key Requirement: Quality control

Proteus Waterproofing and the licensed contractor worked in close partnership to successfully deliver the project to a very high standard within the required timeframe. Proteus Technical Managers made regular inspections, reporting on progress, ensuring the installation of Pro-BW® (Reinforced) met the required standards.

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