Balcony Refurbishment, Hyde Park Gardens, London

Built in the early 19th Century and overlooking Hyde Park, the Grade I listed Hyde Park Gardens is one of London’s most exclusive addresses. As part of an exterior refurbishment programme, the main contractor Collins Contractors and English Heritage wanted to stabilise the balconies which were constructed from stone slabs set on cast iron brackets with asphalt waterproofing. Collins Contractors recommended Proteus Waterproofing and the Pro-System to English Heritage as they both had decided that that replacing the asphalt like for like could may result in future cracking and allow water to penetrate the structure.

Product brief:

The Proteus Licensed contractor installed 300m2 of Pro-System in Mid Grey which was chosen for its cold application, ability to overcome difficult details and for its elastomeric and tensile properties. Furthermore the Mid Grey colour gave the look of the existing asphalt membrane.

Key Requirements: Quality control

Due to the historical importance of the building, Proteus Waterproofing worked in close partnership with the Proteus Licenced Contractor to successfully deliver the project to a very high standard without any disruption to the residents. A selection of black and white 100×100 tiles were adhered to the finished surface to provide a detail that worked for English Heritage.

Key Requirement: Health and safety
Working on occupied buildings, safety is always of utmost importance. Proteus’ liquid applied systems are cold installed and met all health and safety criteria to work on these occupied buildings and minimise risk of fire. The low odour application allowed the Proteus Licenced Contractor to work safely and with minimal disruption to residents.

Key Requirements: Long term performance
Pro-System offers a low maintenance, durable waterproofing and protection solution to a range of buildings. Proteus Waterproofing roof systems come in a range of 10, 15, 20 and 25 year options.

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