Apothecaries Hall, London

Product brief:

Apothecaries Hall, the oldest standing livery hall in London, required a new waterproofing membrane for the roof. The client requested a system that would be quick to install as exams take place on a regular basis Therefore Proteus Pro-System® Plus was selected, to meet the client’s requirements.

Key Requirements: High Performance Waterproofing

Due to the volume of plant equipment on the roof and the works being carried out in tight spaces, Proteus Pro-System® Plus was the perfect system to install as it can be easily moulded. Pre-formed Proteus Pro-System® Plus was slid under low set plant equipment meaning the equipment did not need to be raised or switched off. Proteus Waterproofing worked closely with the Proteus Approved Contractor to ensure the project was completed to a high standard.

Key Requirements: Health & Safety

Due to the age and importance of the building, the system needed to be cold applied, as the building also housed many antiques and high value paintings. Proteus Pro-System® Plus is also low odour, which meant disruptions were kept to a minimum and the planned events could continue as scheduled.

Key Requirements: Seamless Waterproofing

Proteus Pro-System® Plus offers a low maintenance, durable waterproofing and protection solution for a range of new build and refurbishment applications. It is cold applied, eliminating the risk of fire and once cured, provides a completely seamless waterproof protection and has excellent UV stability, making it suitable to use in all climates. Proteus Pro-System® Plus forms a seamless, fully adhered membrane, manufactured in the UK and is BBA Certified.

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