Walkway Refurbishment – Watergate, Gosport

When the communal walkways at a residential block located near Gosport harbour began to show signs of failure, Gosport Borough Council required a new waterproofing system that could be applied over the existing concrete deck and asphalt surface. The solution had to be robust and provide lasting protection against the severe weather conditions at the seafront location.

Product brief:

The client selected the fast curing Pro-BW® system from Proteus Waterproofing to minimise disruption to residents, waterproof the existing asphalt and prevent rainwater damage to the concrete deck underneath.

Key Requirements: Minimal disruption

With the walkways providing day-to-day access for the residents, Pro-BW® ensured minimal disruption and inconvenience thanks to its fast cure, allowing foot traffic within two hours of installation. Proteus Waterproofing and its Licensed Contractor worked in close partnership to successfully deliver the project to a very high standard.

Key Requirement: Health and safety

Working on occupied buildings, particularly residential blocks, safety is always of utmost importance.

Being cold installed, Pro-BW® avoided hot works and minimised the risk of fire, allowing operatives to work safely and reduce the risk to residents.

Key Requirement: Durability

The Pro-BW® waterproofing system comes in a variety of colours and offers 10, 15 and 20-year durability options. Pro-BW® incorporates fine aggregates to provide a slip-resistant seamless finish, yet still providing a surface that is easily cleaned.

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