Roof Refurbishment – Penton Court, Staines

Consisting of three flat roofed blocks, Penton Court in Staines required a complete flat roof refurbishment due to both the lack of insulation and existing felt covering having aged beyond repair. Additionally, the stramit roof deck did not allow for partial removal of the existing felt coverings.

Product brief:

Following detailed surveys by Proteus Waterproofing, the client, Earl Kendrick Associates, specified the Proteus Pro-Felt® Ultima-Plus Fireguard built up roof system to overlay the existing 900m2 roof system, to meet both budget requirements and current Building Regulations Part L requirements.

The installation of Proteus Waterproofing’s cost effective and high performance Pro-Felt®Ultima-Plus Fireguard built up roof system, including Pro-Therm Insulation, by the licensed contractor extended the lifespan of the roof by a further 20 years whilst offering total safety, minimal disruption and noise.

Key Requirement: Health and Safety

Working on occupied buildings, safety is always of utmost importance. The Proteus Pro-Felt® Ultima-Plus Fireguard system incorporated 120mm of Proteus Pro-Therm Insulation bonded in cold adhesive. The specification was prepared according to the NFRC ‘Safe2Torch’ guidelines, with a cap-sheet offering enhanced fire retardancy.

Key Requirement: High Performance Waterproofing

The roof coverings had aged and required a low maintenance waterproofing replacement. The Proteus Pro-Felt® Ultima-Plus Fireguard system extends the lifespan of the roofs with a durable two layer membrane system.

Key Requirements: Quality Control

Due to the complex nature of the works, Proteus Waterproofing and the licensed contractor worked in close partnership to successfully deliver the project to a very high standard.

Key Requirements: Durability

Offering a durable waterproofing and protection solution to a range of buildings, Proteus Pro-Felt® waterproofing system offers 10, 15, 20 and 25-year durability options which are also available with independent insurance backed guarantees.

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