Refurbishment – Gwydyr Saloon, Rochester Gardens

Gwydyr Saloon in Rochester Gardens, required a new seamless waterproofing system to the existing concrete staircase that lead from the street to the retail unit. The existing concrete had begun to crack, causing water ingress underneath.

Product brief:

For a tough, durable, aesthetically appealing and skid-inhibiting finish, the Licensed Contractor installed the cold-applied Pro-BW® Reinforced system from Proteus Waterproofing, successfully to a very high standard, and within the required time frame

Key Requirements: High Performance:
As the existing concrete was suitable to accept a new Proteus overlay system, Proteus Pro-BW® Reinforced 10-year system was installed, a waterproof covering incorporating Pro-Aggregate EM, to provide a skid-inhibiting finish to accommodate foot traffic to the retail unit. The installation of Pro-Aggregate EM provided a durable and Slip-Resistant surface.

Key Requirements: Quality Control:
Pro-BW® Reinforced ensured minimal disruption and inconvenience thanks to the fast curing system allowing foot traffic within 2 hours of installation. The use of Pro-BW® Reinforced also reduced the risk of further water ingress whilst works were undertaken and ensured access to the walkways was reinstated quickly and efficiently.

Key Requirements: Long Term Performance:
Pro-BW® Reinforced is a high performance, rapid curing protective waterproofing membrane for balconies and walkways on a wide range of substrates. Pro-BW® Reinforced reduces installation time from days to hours. As it is a cold applied and low odour installation, the system meets health and safety criteria by minimising risk to both operatives and members of the public.

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