Cygnet Hospital, Maidstone - Cold Melt®

Cygnet Hospital, a new state of the art medical campus based in Maidstone required a waterproofing membrane for the newly installed concrete and metal decks.

Product brief:

Proteus Waterproofing applied their Cold Melt® membrane, to provide a seamless leak protection to the inverted roof, that was then finished with Proteus Waterproofing’s Pro-Living® Green Roof.

Key Requirements: High Performance Waterproofing

Firstly, the metal deck for the main roof was prepared and overlaid with Pro-Vapour Control SA, a self-adhesive bituminous waterproofing membrane that forms a barrier against vapour and gases, ready for the Proteus
Pro-Therm PIR Insulation and Cold Melt® waterproofing installations. Proteus Pro-Therm PIR is stable, rot proof and will remain effective as an insulation system for the lifetime of the waterproofing covering, making it
suitable for new builds. The Cold Melt® waterproofing was then overlaid to the main roof and upstands. The exposed areas were covered with Cold Melt® UV Top Coat, making the waterproofing UV stable. Cold Melt® provides a seamless leak protection and is cold applied, therefore removing the risk of fire. The roof was completed with a Pro-Living® Green Roof providing ecological benefits for the building.

Key Requirements: Health & Safety

When working on occupied buildings, safety is of utmost importance. Proteus Waterproofing’s Cold Melt® system is cold applied and low odour, therefore meeting all necessary health and safety requirements. Cold
Melt® is quick, simple and safe to apply allowing the Proteus Approved Contractor to successfully complete the project to a high standard within a short time frame, whilst ensuring the planned building works continued to run on schedule.

Key Requirements: Long Term Performance

Incorporating recycled rubber crumb and organically grown products, Cold Melt® creates an elastomeric, seamless, cold applied waterproofing membrane. Cold Melt® system can include inverted roof insulation and, with or without insulation, can be designed as a paved, ballasted, green or brown roof. The membrane is
made in the UK, does not become brittle with age and is BBA Certified to last the life of the structure.

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